If you need records, we will gopher you.

A Treasure Trove of Information

I've been researching and documenting two ancestors' stories for several years now. I avoided getting records from NARA because the official process is tedious. With my research process ending and my writing process starting, I knew I needed more. There were numerous blanks that needed filled in for my ancestors, as well as a handful of close friends and cousins who served alongside them. Thankfully, I recently discovered Gopher Records, and was amazed at their speed, quality, and communication. The documents I got were a gold mine. Pensions revealed uncomfortable details of how the group suffered after the war. Service records revealed major plot twists, like a desertion and return to service. Official correspondences revealed unrealized plans to serve as officers in USCT regiments. Overall, the documents I got were loaded with details regarding who was present for major events, and helpful color on a tight-knit group who ventured off to serve their country.

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