If you need records, we will gopher you.

Civil War Records

About 40 years ago I ordered and received the Civil War records and pension files for my Great Grandfather. Based on a comment on Facebook for a genealogy group that I joined, it was recommended that I try again using Gopher Records. I gave it a try since the original files received were missing pages and the copies Gopher provides are in color. Jackpot! I received more pages and more answers using their service and it was actually very close to the price I paid some 40 years ago. They were fast, efficient, responsive and a pleasure to work with. I did give kudos on Facebook through the genealogy group but if there are more places to praise their service, I would so readily do it. Bottom line, even if you received documents from NARA years ago, it just might be worth it to try again. The digital copies are so much better than scanning those original files. If the records are already online, they direct to those cites for no charge. If your ancestor records can't be found, no charge. It's a win-win. Well worth the price and so very little effort.

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