If you need records, we will gopher you.

Great work!

I've been trying to find information about an ancestor of mine who served in the Civil War. He seems to have been in trouble several times and might have been court martialed at some point. I couldn't find any information on my own. I reached out to Gopher Records to see if they could help. They weren't able to find any court martial records (no charge for that). I asked if there might be another way to get information about his service and Gopher suggested looking at the Regimental Order Book. I had no idea that it even existed. I received a good quality scan of the Order Book for an extremely reasonable price. I still don't know why my ancestor was in trouble, but now I no that he was not alone. The Order Book is full of disciplinary notices and other details that do not appear in any history of the unit. I would highly recommend this service. They were quick, thorough, and creative in addressing this research issue. And a bargain too!

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