The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has re-opened on a very limited basis. We are now going to NARA about once a week or as often as they grant appointments to us. Since NARA was closed for two years for COVID, we do have a backlog of orders - estimated at 2 months once we have FULL access to NARA again. (NARA has estimated that their own backlog is two years). We are processing orders as quickly as possible and in the order that they are received. Unlike when you order directly from NARA, we will not ask you to pay until your order is ready to be delivered.
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Unknown/Other (19th century)
Revolutionary War
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Mexican and Early Indian Wars
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Civil War Confederate
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Philippine Insurrection
Spanish-American War


 Service Record(s) ($20.00 each)   
 Pension File ($50.00)   
 Carded Medical Records ($20.00)   
 Court Martial File(s) ($30.00 each)   
 Bounty Land Application File ($22.00 each)   
 Land Entry Case File ($25.00 each)   
 Correspondence of the Pension Office 1889-1904 ($20.00 each)   
 Regular Army Enlistment Papers ($20.00)
 Company Order Book (specified page) ($30.00)   

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