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What Civil War Pension Records are on Fold3?

Neither Fold3 nor the National Archives site includes Confederate pensions.  Those pensions are held by the southern states that issued the pensions as described on our blog HERE.  Many of those are Confederate pensions are online as described on our blog HERE. A very small percentage of Union pension records are on  These are

What Civil War Service Records are on Fold3?

All surviving Confederate service records are on  Many (but not all) of the those records are also on the National Archives web site HERE. Fold3 also includes Union service records for regiments from Massachusetts, Vermont, all of the border states (Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, D.C., Maryland, Delaware), all of the southern states (i.e., Union

What is in the Civil War Soldier’s Bundle?

The bundle includes a Union Civil War soldier`s Service Record, Pension File, and Carded Medical Records (if any) at a price that is somewhat less than ordering the three record types individually.  Service and medical records for a second or subsequent regiment cost extra.  The bundle also applies to soldiers of the Spanish-American War. The

Why do you not offer Confederate records?

Confederate service and pension files are not available at the National Archives. Confederate service records have been digitized and are available on  It is a subscription site but there are a variety of legal ways to access it for free as described on our blog HERE.  Some of the records are also available for

Can you retrieve 20th-century records?

Our expertise is with 19th-century records.  You are welcome to write to us regarding other types of records and we will give you advice about how to obtain them.

What’s the difference between a service file and a pension file?

A service file typically contains records of the soldier’s military service, including enlistment, promotions, transfers, discharge, and the soldier’s presence or absence on paydays, among other things.  Although the contents of a service file is usually military in nature, it may contain some biographical or genealogical information.  For more details about the typical contents of a

What kind of records are available?

Generally speaking, we retrieve 19th-century military service file, pension files, medical records, Court Martial files, Bounty Land, and other Federal land records from the National Archives. The type of records that are available depends on the time period or war. See the chart here.