If you need records, we will gopher you.

FREE Records Assessment

If you wonder whether any military records exist at the National Archives for a specific soldier, then let us help.

We are happy to conduct a free records assessment for your soldier.  We will check many record indexes, including some that you may not have considered.  We will also make use of in-house databases and powerful search tools that are not available to the general public.  We will then let you know if any records are known to exist and where they might be.  There is no obligation on your part, whether or not we find evidence of existing records for your soldier.

If we discover that the records in question are online, then we will refer you to them at no charge.

Of course, we can make no guarantees with respect to our free records assessment.  For the best possible assessment on a wide range of record types, we recommend that you hire a certified genealogist who specializes in your area of interest.


  1. Phyllis Grimes


    I am interested in ordering a pension record for a specific soldier. I located a payment pension card on Family Search. Soldier Name: Jesse Cooper (Alias) Jesse Mundy. Please let me know what information is needed. I have a couple of pension cards and his CMSR. One of the pension cards indicates the widow was approved and it’s a payment card, Thank You!

    Phyllis Grimes

  2. gorecord


    I resent the download instructions in response to your request on the 21st. Let me know if you need copies of any of the preceding emails.

  3. Dennis Kern


    I had a email or two from you with records for Jacob C Kern. My phone crashed and I lost all my emails. Can you resend the emails for Jacob C Kern.

    Dennis Kern

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