If you need records, we will gopher you.


The chart below compares our prices with those of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).  Not only are our prices much lower but delivery time is typically much shorter.

Also note that if you request a pension file that is more than 100 pages long, NARA will deliver the first 100 pages with a quote ($.70 per page) for the remainder.  The remainder will only be provided after you return the quote with payment – so the process takes even longer in that case.

Record TypeNARA PriceOur
from NARA
Service Records$30$20$1840% off
Pension Records$80 for the first 100 pages.  $0.70 per
page thereafter.
$50$4544%+ off
Example < 100 pages$80$50$4544% off
Example 150 pages$115$50$4561% off
Example 200 pages$150$50$4570% off
Example 250 pages$185$50$4576% off
Example 300 pages$220$50$4580% off
Bounty Land Application File$30$22$19.8034% off
Land Entry Case File$50$25$22.5055% off

* Membership to Gopher Records is free.

If we find your records online, then we will refer you to that site at no charge. If it is a commercial site, however, a membership ($) may be required in order for you to access the records.  There are ways to access most such sites for free, e.g., through a library or free trial membership.  If none of those options are available to you, then write to us and we can probably provide copies of the records for a small fee (subject to the “Terms and Conditions” of the commercial site in question).

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