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Business Owner

Professional service. Quick turnaround. Great price. I am a professional genealogist and have used this service twice to obtain records from the National Archives. Highly recommended. One court martial record I ordered had 491 pages - they scanned them all and sent to me for only $45. Much needed service for researchers. Thank you!

Fantastic Service

I can't say enough for this service. If you are looking for a Civil War Pension File - these are the folks to use. I have used NARA in the past and it has become a frustrating experience. Their system is difficult to navigate, expensive and slow. "Gopher Records" delivered my file quickly and inexpensively. I will definitely be recommending this service to my fellow researchers. I originally saw "Gopher Records" advertised in "The Banner".

Lightning Fast Service with personal attention to the details

As an author, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the delays at the National Archives due to COVID that had brought some critical research to a standstill. Gopher Records was a game-changer. Reasonably priced, fast turnaround, and one-on-one great communication.

War of 1812 soldier records

Great service again from Gopher Records! The records arrived in my email in just 2 days. That was faster than I could drive to NARA! Clear emails and clear records. I have recommended Gopher Records before to my genealogy friends and will do so again. Keep up the good work!


I have used Gopher Records 7 times and will use again in the future. The orderiing process is easy, pricing affordable and records quick to arrive. The records have given me a glimpse into the lives of these ancestors and have filled in some blanks. I highly recomment their services for any genealogy enthusiast! Their customer service is outstanding!

Civil War records

Almost unbelievable response to my request for Civil War records, just a matter of days! Looks like a very thorough search of records and delivery back to me. Worth the cost for sure. ( I found your name / advertisement in "The Banner " , the quarterly magazine of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. ) Thanks again, my second time using your service.

Homestead File

I needed a homestead file real quick to help me solve a family mystery. The file just provide more questions than answers. But I still couldn't believe how great the service was. Thank you!

Wonderful Service

This company is one of the best 'discoveries' for my genealogy research! They are very affordable and results are quick. I have placed multiple orders and each one has contained a wealth of information about my ancestors. You will not regret using their services! I rate them 5 Stars Plus!

Great service

Great customer service and research at a fair price!! Thank you Gopher!!

GG Grandfather shot July 1 1863 Gettysburg PA

Thank you for telling my he was shot in his left chest I always wondered where he was shot and I didnt know he was sent to Philadelphia for a while. Died Jan 1864 from his wounds I did have the military record of his date of birth and death, and I got his fathers will stating George had passed. I did find name on the PA Monument in Gettysburg and where he is buried and I place American flags on his grave and his father