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If I could I'd give this company a 10 star rating! Several years ago I ordered NARA records from another company claiming to be fast and inexpensive. I didn't get all of the documents I originally ordered AND it took them MONTHS and a great many emails, phone calls, etc to even get the records. I was hesitant to try again but, hey, it's a different company. I could not be more pleased with Gopher Records!! I ordered service records for my Great Grandfather, my Great Great Grandfather and a Great Great Uncle. In less than a week Gopher Records [...]

Thanks for answering the Q: Where's James Thomas?

Gopher Records has retrieved several pensions for me. I could not be happier with their service and price. Each has contained valuable information--much of it containing sole-source genealogical facts. I have found pension fraud, child abandonment, bigamy, communications of historic import, and a physical artifact. Until you see a full pension packet, you have little idea how much you can get to know ancestors via them. The enclosed image is just the latest amazing discovery. James Thomas' life was not very well documented in the usual family tree hangouts like Ancestry and FamilySearch. The reason is hidden in his pension [...]
  • James Thomas location history

Outstanding customer service!

I highly recommend using Gopher Records for your record retrieval needs. Bob has gone above and beyond to help me secure files for my genealogical research. The details contained in my orders are invaluable!

Civil War Records

Gopher Records retrieved my great-grandfathers Civil War Pension Application and records, which were a treasure trove of information! It took a while due to Covid/NARA but Gopher kept me updated on their progress. Great service and worth every dime to find out his info!

High Quality and Very Affordable

Having worked with military pension files for many years, I have always regarded them as an invaluable resource. The drawback has been the cost and time involved in ordering them from NARA since I don't live near D.C. It was for these reasons that I decided to give Gopher Records a try. To say they exceeded my expectations would be a definite understatement. The scan quality of the pension files I received was excellent and having the documents in full color brought them more alive for me. If that wasn't enough, the cost was [...]

Gopher Records Delivers

I’ve had several Civil War pension and service records retrieved by Gopher Records. I’ve found their service, when the pandemic didn’t interfere, to be faster and more reliable than the official NARA service. By more reliable I mean that the scans are more consistent from page to page. And, this service usually costs half or less compared to what the NARA would charge. Once the scans are completed the Gopher Records system of distribution via internet download is quick and simple. And it’s a definite improvement over the NARA system of distribution, which is mailing [...]


Gopher Records has the ability to quickly “fill-in” the gaps in history! Imagine see documents that were signed by your ancestors, research subjects, and more! This service can rapidly do the leg work that would have required hours of my time to navigate and understand the processes! High quality, high value, and my enthusiastic high “5⭐️s”

William Shorts and son

Thank you for the superior job you did in researching my two Civil War soldiers. All the documents you furnished established a timeline from their mustering into the Army of the Potomac following through till their discharges. It was a very interesting read and gave a good idea about their time in service. The added bonus was the widow who applied for a pension for herself and minor child after the war. She was unknown to me. Thank you again Gopher Records!