If you need records, we will gopher you.


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Outstanding value and promptness

Very pleased with Gopher. I saw an ad for Gopher and thought to try them out. A few weeks after my order, I got high-quality scans back. Faster turnaround and lower price than ordering through the National Archives.

Highly Recommended!

I first learned about Gopher Records through Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. For years I had wanted to visit NARA myself and get copies of my ancestors' pension files. But years went by and I never got there. When I read about Gopher Records, I decided this was my chance. So far I have ordered 5 pension files and 2 service records. Bob and his team did not disappoint! The images are very clear and the information has definitely helped further my research. In fact, one of the pension files is the [...]

GREAT Company!!

I got the records for 2 of the 3 ancestors I requested records for within 10 days! (May have been less, I didn't keep track of time) That compared to the MONTHS I waited when I ordered from another company. I had some questions and Bob CALLED me on the phone, personally, to walk me through my questions!! Talk about Customer Service! I highly recommend Gopher Records!

Resolved a long-standing debate!

Thanks to Bob & Gopher Records, we were able to put to rest a long-standing debate over how old a particular soldier was in our cemetery. Written on the man's discharge papers was a note from his commanding officer that the man was now 52 years old but at the time of enlistment was listed as age 40 just a year before the officer wrote this discharge. So this cleared up the mystery of his military records not matching other records we had for this man! Thank you, Gopher Records for helping us solve this mini-mystery!

Continually Pleased

Every order I have placed with Bob (and I think this makes 5 now) has always been done professionally and so efficiently. He is quick to answer any questions you might have and I just have never been more pleased with a retrieval company. Additionally, the ordering system is easy to use and navigate, which I appreciate greatly. Gopher Records will continue to be my servicer.

Civil war records from NARA: faster and less expensive than NARA

Previously this year, I had requested records directly from NARA. I believe the cost was in the range of $80 and it took 6 weeks to receive. I had a similar request for Gopher Records and they delivered the records in two weeks for about half the cost. I will definitely use them in the future!

A Treasure Trove of Information

I've been researching and documenting two ancestors' stories for several years now. I avoided getting records from NARA because the official process is tedious. With my research process ending and my writing process starting, I knew I needed more. There were numerous blanks that needed filled in for my ancestors, as well as a handful of close friends and cousins who served alongside them. Thankfully, I recently discovered Gopher Records, and was amazed at their speed, quality, and communication. The documents I got were a gold mine. Pensions revealed uncomfortable details of how the group suffered after the war. Service [...]
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Civil war soldiers archive records

When the records became available I was notified and the records were all copied and sent to me in a timely manner. I was again notified and was able to copy the records on my computer and make hard copies. Everything was done as discussed in the original contact. I was very pleased with how it was handled and what I received.

great service!

I ordered Civil War pension files for two of my 3rd great-grandfathers. It was during the pandemic, and I liked the fact that I didn't have to pay until I received the files. I've sent money to places in the past, and then never heard another word, so I appreciate the opportunity to pay *after* documents have been located. Of course, NARA was shut down for a while, but I never despaired that my order would eventually make it to the top of the wait list. Very satisfied with the professionalism of this company, as well as their communication [...]

Thomas Jefferson Steele

Gopher Records did a great job of researching my ancestor and providing a lot of information that I didn't know was available. Land records, Service records, and Pension records all of which provided a story of his life and filled in a lot of details. Highly recommend GR and I"m already planning to get records for a couple more CW ancestors. Great job!