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Very quick and personable service!

The ordering system is so easy to use, and the service is so quick! I have only had to wait a few days for the documents I order. Very helpful for impatient (excited) genealogists!

Spanish American War

Recovering pension and posting records for a veteran of the Spanish American War and various INdian-frontier homeland postings.

Pension Records

If you cannot get to NARA in person, Gopher Records is the next best thing! I have used them several times to request Civil War pension records and have not been disappointed. They set realistic delivery expectations, but even so I have received all requests quicker than promised, even one that had to be retrieved from St Louis. This is a service you can rely on, and I will continue use them every time I need to request a pension file.

Civil War Pension Records

I was so surprised when I received my records much earlier than expected. I highly recommend Gopher Records. Their customer service is excellent. After placing the order I received an email confirming the information requested and follow up email throughout the process. My expected delivery was 3-4 weeks, and maybe because the summer months are quieter, I received my order within a week!! I couldn't have asked for any more from Gopher Records, THANK YOU!!

Civil War Service and Pension Records

I attended a genealogy conference this year and asked where the best place to request Civil War pension files from, the National Archives or FOLD3? I was told by the speaker to instead request them from gopherrecords because it would be faster and cheaper than ordering from the National Archives and I'd get the widow's file also which I wouldn't get from FOLD3. Gopherrecords not only offered the pension files but also medical and service records as well. I requested the service, medical and pension records for my Civil War Ancestor and 4 [...]

Service Records retrieval

Gopher Records performs an incredible service for me. Through their work, I have uncovered details that disproves an urban legend and provides factual information to finally solve the riddle. For the last 100 years, the "last shot of the Civil War east of the Mississippi" has been centered on a Federal Regiment I am researching. Come to find out through the service records of the individuals involved, history was 1/2 correct. Now the true story can be told. It is like searching for the Holy Grail and Gopher Records saying, "hold on, I know [...]
  • Physicians Report

Civil war records

I initially submitted the request for a person with the same name as my GG Grandfather. After humbly apologizing, and submitting the correct information, Bob came through with great documents. It was through a personal referral that I discovered Gopher Records. I will happily pass this site on to others!

Highly Recommend Gopher!

Gopher Records is a brilliant service. Their team works very quickly and is very good value for money! They can also provide tips, analysis, or suggestions, which is especially welcome for those who are newer to or less experienced in research. Overall, I would highly recommend Gopher to Civil War researchers.

Making easier to do research

I always wanted to order civil war pension files to complete research on some of my projects. Going to DC was not an option, the timeframe that the official site offered was months, and other options were just beyond reason. In one of my research groups, kept hearing people talk about how they were getting their records in a very short wait time and a very reasonable cost. I was asking was it legit and not a scam. Were they getting all the info and not just a small portion. Decided to try them out on one person. [...]

Ordered three Civil war pension files - A+ experience

I recently ordered three Civil War pension files from Gopherrecords and was very pleased with the experience. For the first file, they informed me that a website had already digitized it and sent me a link to the file for no charge. For the next two files they retrieved, uploaded, and shared the record with me several weeks before the estimated delivery date. Two out of these three files helped me solve major brick walls in my family tree. The entire process from ordering to payment to reception was smooth and easy. Highly recommend using this service over ordering directly [...]